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Chief Information Officer CIO Certification - What is CIO

"America's one and only economic driver for the next several decades rests in the hands of CIOs. That's the conclusion of economist W. Brian Arthur, Citibank professor at the Santa Fe Institute, who developed the modern theory of increasing returns. Technology will connect systems, processes and functions within and among companies but it's up to the CIO to channel the connections -. July 2003".

We delivers a ringing call: "My question to the IT community is: What is the contribution you are going to make to produce incredible new value for customers?". It's not enough, in other words, for Chief Information Officer CIOs merely to develop and install technology that can boost efficiency and wring costs out of their organizations. Nor is it enough to view the IT department as a "profit center," susceptible to the same P&L statements as the business units. Our view is much more radical: Chief Information Officer CIOs must start dreaming up products and services that will create new value for their companies' customers. And who better to do so than Chief Information Officer CIOs, the people most familiar with the technologies on which future profits will depend? It's an issue we believe is central to the role of every Chief Information Officer CIO.

Creating customer value isn't the only way Chief Information Officer CIOs can help boost corporate profits. Competitive advantage will be increasingly determined by how well businesses can sift through the increasingly murky glut of data being surfaced by the new technologies of the Information Age, and the companies most skilled at mining that glut for valuable market clues and inside scoops on rivals will be the best equipped to succeed. Increasingly, the ability to compete at the "speed of information" will determine winners and losers in all industries, we look at the burgeoning field of competitive intelligence, which is redefining the rules of rivalry in some industries. 

Chief Information Officer CIOs can contribute significantly to these efforts by marshalling the people and technology to design the best company systems, and then manage them amid rapid changes in the marketplace.

Is your organization ready for change? Does it have the innate flexibility necessary to survive and prosper in a time of intense challenges to organizational structure and quick shifts in strategy? 

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